Federal Personnel Guide Notifications

Periodically, material in the Federal Personnel Guide needs to be corrected. To ensure you have the most accurate information for your copy, please see the below for any changes.

Section: Retirement

Page 177

Under the subsection "Order of Reductions to Annuity." Replace the information under "4. Redeposit reduction."

Should now read:

4. Redeposit reduction. FERS redeposit of refunded reductions was first made possible through the FY 2010 National Defense Authorization Act enacted on October 2009. Former employees may make redeposits of refunded reductions, plus interest, upon reemployment with the federal government. Installment payments may be made, but the service involved will not be credited until a redeposit has been made.

Service under CSRS for which retirement deductions have been refunded will be included as creditable service for both eligibility and computation of annuity.

If there is a CSRS component (the employee had five or more years under CSRS prior to transferring to FERS), redeposit service is handled under CSRS rules. Retirees with a CSRS component who elect not to redeposit refunded CSRS deductions for service ending before March 1, 1991, will have the amount of their monthly annuity actuarially reduced. This reduction only applies to employees who retire under the nondisability provisions of CSRS.

Section: Life Insurance

Page: 149

Replace first paragraph under the sub-section Withholdings and Contributions

Basic insurance. The cost of Basic insurance is shared by the employee and the government, and is based on the Basic Insurance Amount. The employee's share is two-thirds of the total cost and is withheld from pay. The biweekly withholding from the employee is $0.15 per $1,000 of insurance; the government contribution is $0.075 per $1,000. An extra benefit for employees under age 45 is provided without additional cost to the covered employee. Employees must elect Basic to be eligible for any of the options, however.